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chandi bhasma

Ayurvedic products are beneficial in many ways. They maintain the balance among the body, mind, and soul. In the same way, Chandi Bhasma works to keep the trio well-balanced. Chandi Bhasma is undoubtedly a popular ayurvedic product. It helps to cure diseases as well as improves body functions.

Chandi Bhasma or Rajat Bhasma is a useful Ayurvedic medicine primarily used for treating various diseases including eye diseases, neurological diseases, liver issues, insomnia, and other multiple diseases. This bhasma also cures severe chronic ailments like epilepsy, hysteria, enlargement of the spleen, etc. It is a preparation made of silver nano-particles. Physicians advise people to consume it regularly with proper dosage. This bitter-sweet medicine is also known as Roupya Bhasma.

Composition of Chandi Bhasma

Chandi Bhasma contains silver as its major component. You can also find multiple other herbs and particles mixed in it.

How is it Produced?

The product is prepared through an extensive Ayurvedic process. Under adequate heat, the oxidation process occurs. The silver is ground into a fine powder; then, it is mixed with lime juice and put under extreme heat. Thus, the Ayurvedic practitioners produce it through long Ayurvedic process.

The Ayurvedic Properties

Every Ayurvedic product has certain natural properties. Below are some of the features of Chandi Bhasma:

  • It is astringent in taste. You can find a tangy combination of a sweet and sour taste.
  • The main Guna or quality is its smoothness. It provides the necessary strength.
  • It is cool in potency.
  • The is sweet in resultant of metabolism.
  • It keeps the mind calm.

Benefits of Chandi Bhasma

Eye Diseases

  • It helps to treat vision loss due to many reasons, including excessive use of electronic diseases.
  • It is useful in conjunctivitis also.
  • Its natural properties help to improve vision as well. 

Neurological Diseases

  • Doctors prescribe it for various neurological diseases like severe headache, migraine, vertigo, memory loss, and the brain’s atrophy.
  • It also helps to cure complex conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease.
  • This improves the functions of nerves in general.
  • It helps to reduce the problems of memory loss as well.

Skin Diseases

  • It is an excellent remedy for skin infections, gangrene, and other skin diseases.

Women’s issues and men’s sexual problems

  • It is useful in post-partum depression, pre-menstrual syndrome and some other women’s diseases.
  • This product is quite effective for sexual issues like impotence, oligospermia and so on.

Cough and Respiratory troubles

  • It helps treat dry cough and other respiratory troubles. Click here to read my another article on Immunity Booster Ayurvedic Product.

Psychological Diseases

  • It is beneficial for a wide range of psychological diseases like anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, insomnia, etc.
  • It helps to cure mental stress and irritations.
  • This also helps to treat phobias as well.

Kidney Problems

  • It works well in case of different types of kidney and bladder problems. It helps the kidneys to function properly.

Abdominal Troubles

  • It treats acidity.
  • The product is useful for peptic and duodenal ulcers.

Heart Diseases

  • It improves blood supply to the heart.
  • It helps to provide adequate oxygen in the heart.
  • This also helps in coronary heart diseases.

Other Benefits

Chandi Bhasma has innumerable uses for many diseases. It has exceptional health benefits. They are listed below:

  • Chandi Bhasma strengthens the nerves and muscles.
  • It acts as an anti-inflammatory.
  • It boosts up the metabolism.
  • This revives the mental strength.
  • It also enhances the wholesome strength of the body.
  • Rajat Bhasma works as an excellent anti-biotic.
  • It is an ideal anti-ageing ayurvedic supplement.
  • It works as a natural pain-reliever too.
  • This also helps to treat paralysis by improving blood circulation in the nerve.

Are there any side effects of It?

Usually, no side effects are indicated. However, it is essential to use good quality silver to avoid any inconvenient health conditions.

How should you take Chandi Bhasma?

There are different adjuvants for different purposes.

For Diabetes Mellitus, one should consume it with ginger extract or any liquid extract. If it is for acidity, take it with amla powder. In neurological diseases, cardamom, and clarified butter (ghee) is the best adjuvant.

For fever in tuberculosis, the adjuvant is honey and Trikatu powder. In case of frequent urination, you can take it with ginger juice and honey.

Tejpatra is a promising adjuvant for burning sensation in urine. Likewise, to cure psychological diseases, honey and Giloy Satva are the best.

Doctors always prescribe it to take before the meal.

How many times should you take it in a day?

Usually, it would help if you took it twice a day. However, the doctor’s advice is always necessary under any circumstances.

Can it be taken with other medicines?

Yes, you can take it with other medicines and supplements. Most of the Ayurvedic products do not react much with other medicines. But it is always important to consult your physician regarding it.

Dosage of Chandi Bhasam

For children below 5 years, the dosage depends upon the body weight of the children. 1 mg per kg of body weight is sufficient. Overall, the total amount should not go beyond 30 mg per dosage and 60 mg in a single day.

For children above 5 years, 30 to 65 mg is prescribed per day.

And adults should have 65 to 125 mg per day. Also, check here why you should include giloy in your daily diet? 

Various brands of Chandi Bhasam

Special Chandi Bhasma

It serves a wide range of purposes. This Chandi Bhasma product is useful in many diseases. You can take it regularly. The dosage usually depends upon the type and intensity of the disease. It is available on several e-commerce websites. The price is also reasonable. You can go to Amazon for a genuine product. Moreover, the company ensures the quality of the product.

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Baidyanath (Jhansi) Roupya Bhasma

Baidyanath is a famous brand for ayurvedic products. It produces different types of items. The products are useful enough to treat various psychological as well as physical troubles. The Roupya Bhasma or Chandi Bhasma product of this company is the best quality product. Buyers have rated it well considering its benefits. It is definitely a 100% authentic, natural product.

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Dhanvantari Rajat Raupya Bhasma

This product is in the form of powder. This Dhanvantari product is useful in many ways. At online domains, it has got good reviews. This is a vegetarian product. You can consume it regularly to get the maximum benefits.

Nonetheless, it would help if you always took the doctor’s advice. The package contains 2 gm bhasma. For any information regarding the dosage, you should follow the package body.

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Baidyanath Chandi Bhasma

chandi bhasma

For jaundice, anaemia, eye diseases, respiratory troubles, this Baidyanath product is quite useful. It is one of the most-used products by online buyers. Baidyanath is always a reliable company. It contains several herbs and medicinal ingredients. The product is made of good quality silver particles. Doctors often recommend this product for its exceptional features.

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Dabur Rajat Bhasma

chandi bhasma

This Chandi Bhasma product comes with an additional Shilajit product. This Ayurvedic combination has excellent health benefits. Dabur is a renowned company selling different types of ayurvedic products. This product comes with multiple benefits. Its excellent ingredients compel the buyers to go for it.

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Chandi Bhasma with Shilajit Pack

chandi bhasma

This is another Dabur product. It is a combination of three Chandi Bhasma packs and one Goodman’s Shilajit pack. The product is entirely safe to use. Without any side effects, this is one of the great product. You can use it for different purposes. Of course, the doctor’s advice is necessary for that. However, visit your doctor to know the proper uses of the product. Then, buy it as per your requirement.

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Lama Chandi Bhasma

chandi bhasma

It is a product widely used in diseases like dry cough and other respiratory troubles. For different levels of fevers, it works well. This product cures psychological severe disorders like memory loss. Doctors often prescribe it for insomniac patients. It is primarily used to treat mental weaknesses, anxiety, etc. Lama Pharmaceuticals is a well-known company for producing ayurvedic items. This product is top-rated for its quality and authenticity. Usually, buyers prefer it as a good-quality product.

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Unjha Pharmacy Raupya Bhasma

This product is quite useful in different types of eye troubles. It helps in treating severe diseases. It helps in chronic bronchitis and other respiratory disorders. This medicine mainly cures multiple abdominal problems. It heals the pains and irritations of hyperacidity.

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How to store Chandi Bhasma?

Try to maintain a proper cool and dry place to store it. And most importantly, you should keep it away from the children. Of course, adequate storage is essential. It maintains the goodness of the product intact.

How can you buy it online?

There are many Chandi Bhasma products available online. Go to any of the preferred sites. Consider your requirements and the budget. Then, buy any of the products accordingly.


So, here are the details about Chandi Bhasma. To summarize, we can say that it is a fantastic Ayurvedic product for many reasons. Know about it in detail and visit online stores to buy it now.

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