Dashmularishta – An Ayurvedic Tonic For Females – Uses, Benefits & Price

• Dashmularishta

Dasmularishta is an ayurvedic health syrup made up of more than 50 ayurvedic herbs and ten potent and effective herb roots. It is a mixture of ten herb roots that why it is called “Dasmularishta” or “Dashmoolam”, as the name suggests “Dash” means ten and “Mool” means root. It is a combination of Bilva, Agnimantha, Shyonaka, Patala, Kashmiri or Gambhari, Brihati, Kantakari, Shalaparni, Prishnaparni, Gokshura roots along with 50 other herbs roots. Dasmularishta is prepared by fermentation of dashmool and other herbs roots; therefore, it contains 3 to 7 percent of self-generating alcohol. It is clear dark brown in colour, and the taste of dashmularishta is bitter.

Dashmularishta is a delicious ayurvedic syrup for all age group. Dashmularishta has an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-stress, antidepressant, anti-oxidant, anti-arthritic properties. 

Benefits of Dashmularishta

Dashmularishta increases haemoglobin levels and produces red blood cells. The syrup is an ayurvedic health booster for females as well as male. It is also beneficial in piles and urinary related problems. It controls the vayu tava in the body and provides strength to the body.

This ayurvedic tonic is beneficial in the treatment of fertility issues in females. It is most helpful to recover from post-partum weakness, reducing fatigue, remove lactation problems and digestion-related problem in females. This natural health tonic is work as a rejuvenator & revitalizer in females after delivery. It is also very useful in cough, asthma, anaemia, jaundice, anorexia, loss of appetite, indigestion, constipation, flatulence, fistula, abdominal pain, stomatitis, rheumatic pain & inflammation. It provides strength to the muscles and ligaments for all age groups. In males, it can be used to improve sperm quality and quantity. This ayurvedic tonic increases the sperm count in males and cures the pus problem in seminal fluid.

Other Benefits

  • Provide natural glow to the skin & eliminate dark spots and dark circles from skin.
  • Relieves from lower backache.
  • Promote regular menstrual cycle & gives relief from heavy bleeding and pain during the menstrual cycle.
  • The safe formulation for the liver & repair the function of the liver and kidney.
  • Develop the supply of nutrients to the body.
  • Increases appetite and reduces ingestion.
  • Beneficial in menopause issues.
  • Replenish strength to the weak Uterus.

Side Effects Of Dasmularishta

Dashmularishta is one of the most ancient ayurvedic medicine; hence, it does not have any side effect if it takes in proper quantity prescribed by the doctor. It is harmful in the following conditions:-

Excess dosage of medicine may cause:-

  1. heartburn
  2. mouth ulcers
  3. diarrhoea
  4. excessive thirst
  5. burning sensations in abdomen.

Excess intake of medicine can cause poisoning or significant side effects. If any above symptoms are visible immediately consult a doctor and avoid dasmularishta in such conditions, use alternative “Jeerakarishtam”.

  • This tonic is not advisable to use in pregnancy. Still, sometimes if you are taking it against any disease, it should be taken under the supervision of a good physician to avoid any complications during pregnancy.
  • Dashmularishtha interacts with alkaloids, ascorbic acid, alteplase, anti-platelet drugs, anticoagulants, antidepressants, antithrombin III, apixaban, ardeparin, and argatroban may cause some harmful effect.
  • Though the tonic taste is bitter, it contains sugar particles, so it is not suitable for diabetes patient. “Dashmool Kwath and Dasamoolam Kashayam” are the alternatives for a diabetes patient if diabetes is under control, then the only dashmularishta is taken under the supervision in an ayurvedic doctor.

Is It Safe To Take Dashmularishta every day?

Yes, it can be taken daily twice a day after the meal with water if any severe weakness or high fever to a mother after the delivery can be taken thrice-a-day after consulting a doctor.

How Long Does It Take Dashmularishta To Work

It depends on the dosage of dashmularishta; usually, it takes 1-2 week to show their results. There is no specified duration for the use of Dashmularishta. Usually, a minimum recovery period of the treatment is not more than 3 to 6 months. It is also safe to use for a longer duration under the supervision of an ayurvedic doctor. It should be kept on a room temperature in an airtight container, avoid direct contact with the sunlight or heat.

When should you take it?

Dashmularishta can be safe to take twice a day daily after the meal in the morning and night with the lukewarm water only not with milk. It is advised to take medicine after the meal or not with an empty stomach. Read here about an incredible ayurvedic product ‘Swarna Bhasma’.

Dosage of Dashmularishta

  • Adults can consume 15-20ml or 4tsp twice a day after the meal with an equal amount of water.
  • Children can take 5 to 15 ml or as prescribed by an ayurvedic physician. One should not give it to children below three years.
  • Females can take usually 15ml twice day in post-partum.
  • If you suffer from serious weakness, you can increase the dosage to 30 – 40ml with water.
  • The regular dosage is 20ml daily, and the maximum dosage is 40ml (divide into three dosages) in high fever and weakness only after consulting a doctor.

Various Brands of Dashmularishta

Baidyanath Ayurvedic Tonic Dashmularishta, 450ml


It is a 100% ayurvedic health syrup with no side effects. It is prepared through fermentation of ayurvedic roots that’s why it contains self-generating 3 to 7% of alcohol. Moreover, it is a blessing for females to enjoy their motherhood without any difficulty or complications. It controls white discharge and urine related problems. Improve infertility and reduces sexual disorders in male as well as in females.

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Kerala Ayurveda Dasamoolarishtam – 435 ml by Cloudtail IndiaDashmularishta

This product is 100% Herbal and Natural and has no added Colour or fragrance, Chemical & Paraben Free, No Mineral Oil. It detoxifies the lungs and liver, which helps to supply nutrients to the body. Kerela Ayurveda dasmularishta formula is based on modern science and clinically tested and approved. It prevents from swollen breast and restores the body after the delivery. This tonic is beneficial for new mother who gives birth to a child; it strengthens the muscles and ligaments provide nutrients to the body.

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Dabur Dashmularishta – 450 ml


Excellent for those who suffer from constipation and diarrhoea alternative. This syrup is good to strengthen the body and muscles. It comes in 450 ml and 680ml. Dabur dashmularishta based on an ancient ayurvedic formula and 100 % chemical-free, hence no side effect while using this. It prevents uterine infections and menstrual cramps—relief from excessive bleeding and pain during the monthly cycle.

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Baidyanath Jhansi Dashmularishta Special – 450 Ml


It is an ayurvedic medicine with no side effects made up of potent and effective herb roots. It is totally chemical and paraben-free. Dashmularishta enriched in vitamins and minerals provide nutrients to the whole body. It develops mental and physical health in post-partum, restores skin glow, gives strength to the Uterus and reduces anaemic. This syrup is a natural gift for the females.

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Jamna Dashmularishta – 450 Ml by AyuCine Forever

Dasmularishta is an effective herbal tonic useful in ayurvedic treatment. You can use it to cure many diseases like anorexia, anaemia, arthritis, weak Uterus, cough, etc. It is beneficial in post-partum for females. Even males can use this tonic to fight against sexual disorders like infertility, pus in seminal fluid, and fewer sperm numbers. It improves the sperm quality and quantity in males.

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Divya Dashmularishta – 450 ml

Divya pharmacy dashmularishta contains dashmool and other herb roots useful in uterine diseases and improve breast milk quality after the delivery. It works as a cleanser and helpful in various conditions like jaundice, liver and kidney disorder, etc. Divya dasmularishta replenish the skin, remove acne and dark spots or dark circles from the skin. It boosts body strength and digestion in post-partum.

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Guapha Ayurveda Dashmoolarishta Strong (450ml)

You can use this to treat various diseases. It combines the synergistic benefit of Dashmool with other herbs Strengthens the myometrial muscles in Uterus, which enables them to achieve adequate uterine contraction required to expel menstrual discharge. Plus, it reduces infertility in males and females. Recover the body in post-partum, improve the quality of milk and reduces lactation problems.

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How Can You Buy It Online

You can buy Dashmularishta from various online websites, but I personally recommend Amazon for online purchasing as their quality is best and its delivery service is fast and easy available.

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