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Ayurveda believes that health depends on the balance between the mind, body, and soul. Ayurvedic medicines are generally prepared from plants but can also include animals, metals, and minerals. Kumariasav is one of them. Keep reading to know everything about this incredible ayurvedic product. The other names of Kumariasav are Kumariasava and Kumaryasava.

About Kumariasav

Kumari asav is a beneficial ayurvedic medicine used for various health problems like piles, cough, cold, appetite, abdominal pain, gastritis, breathlessness, etc. It comprises 5-10% self-generated alcohol. Kumari means aloe vera, so the central ingredient of kumari asav is aloe vera with some other herbs.

What are the benefits of Kumariasava?

Ayurvedic medicine Kumari asav includes lots of benefits as it enables the treatment of numerous health ailments. Some of the most visible services are the following:

  • Helps in eliciting digestion problems.
  • Provides strength to the liver.
  • Helps in improving appetite and cures anorexia.
  • It increases the amount of hemoglobin in the blood and is useful for both males and females.
  • It deals with ailments like liver and spleen, respiratory diseases, anemia, female infertility, cough, hyperactivity, jaundice, etc.
  • Helps to treat non-bleeding piles and also works for aphrodisiac.
  • It has shown active results in hepatomegaly and splenomegaly.
  • It is useful in the case of calculus and seminal disorders.
  • Urinary diseases, too, can be treated with Kumari asav.

Are there any side effects of Kumariasava?

  • Not much, but kumaryasava has some side effects. These are the following:
  • Not safe to use for pregnant or lactating women.
  • If eaten up in excess, it can cause inflammation in the kidneys.
  • If the individual is suffering from bleeding piles, he must not consume Kumari asav.
  • One must not consume it before a meal; else, it can lead to green stools. One must prefer to take it with water in the same proportion to get the best results.
  • A high dosage of Kumari asav can cause pain during excretion.
  • Diabetes patients must try to avoid this medicine.

Is it safe to take Kumariasava every day?

It is entirely safe to take it every day. Adults can consume it twice a day, but one must take a doctor’s advice before use. Click here to check out another incredible health drink named iPulse which has amazing benefits.

Dosage of Kumaryasava

It depends on various factors like weight, height, age, and problem, but in general, a person can have 10 ml -20 ml twice a day, and the amount should not exceed 60 ml per day to avoid any difficulties. One must take it after a meal with lukewarm water. For children, 5 ml – 10 ml a day is the maximum amount.

Various brands of Kumariasava

Kerala Ayurveda Kumariasava


An Ayurvedic medicine that helps in various digestive problems and menstrual irregularities. It is beneficial in reducing bleeding during menstruation. It is a vegetarian product that originated in India. The product is 100% herbal and natural with no added fragrance. It includes no mineral oil or petroleum. The primary target audience of the company is all adults, but children too can use it. Children can take 5 – 15 ml twice a day after food or as it will be prescribed by a doctor.

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Baidyanath Kumariasav


The manufacturer of this product is Shree Baidyanath Ayurveda Bhawan. It is effortless to use and is very good for health. It is 100% natural and herbal. Along with its significant works, it also helps to treat cough, cold, runny nose, wheezing, and various respiratory diseases. It is also suitable for those who are suffering from neurological conditions. It consists of aloe, zingiber Officinale, Boerhaave diffuse.

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Dhootapapeshwar Kumariasav


Dhootapapeshwar kumaryasava is truly good to use. With no toxicity and no side effects, it will help you remain healthy and ease you by curing several problems. It is available on Amazon, and one can buy it anytime but don’t forget to seek doctors’ advice before you use it.

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Basic Ayurveda Kumariasav


Basic Ayurveda is a very well-recognized brand. It was originated for the worthy cause to spread knowledge of Ayurveda through its products. As Ayurveda is based on our natural surroundings, it is the root of spiritual wellness and mind balance. Based on this, many medicines were created, and kumari asav was one of them. It is a naturally formed medicine for the treatment of ailments of the liver. This nutritious drink has an excellent taste and is a perfect natural healer with no side effects. Its ingredients also involve black pepper, which is an excellent remedy for the digestive system.

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Unjha’s Kumaryasava


Unjha Ayurvedic pharmacy’s kumariasava has also got good reviews over Amazon. With the primary ingredient aloe vera, this product has all the benefits that we search for in kumariasav. 100% natural product, but it doesn’t come in a glass bottle. If you prefer a glass bottle, go for Baidyanath kumariasav; but Baidyanath kumariasav is a bit of a high price compared to this one.

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Patanjali Kumaryasava


Well-recognized brand Patanjali also manufactures kumari asav. Patanjali kumaryasava is cheaper compared to all other brands, but it has high delivery charges. It has the benefit that it relieves gas and acidity discomfort and prevents further formation of gas.

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Lama Kumariasava


An ISO-certified company, Lama pharmaceutical, manufactures this product. It has some extra ingredients and is mainly used for abdominal troubles and loss of appetite. It is of premium quality and a 100% natural product.

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Guapha Ayurveda Kumariasava


The manufacturer of this product is Gupta Ayurvedic Pharmacy Pvt. Lmt. Company. It has good customer reviews and has a low price in comparison but charges high delivery costs. This product has wonderful results and helps cure many diseases.

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Aswini EyeonBay Kumariasava


Aswini pharmaceutical Eyeonbay Kumariasava is safe to consume and is also cheap. The product with numerous benefits can be bought online and must be available at your nearest medical store. I prefer buying it from a medical store because of the high delivery charges.

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How to buy it online?

You can buy the product online from the link given below the product or amazon, Flipkart, the respective companies’ websites, etc. Visit the website; you will find the product under the health and personal care section. Then purchase the product as per your need and suitability. Also, check out someĀ Ayurvedic herbs that will help protect your reproductive health.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Is it safe to use kumari asav in old age for fatty liver?

Yes. It can be used in old age and is beneficial for fatty liver.

Is it safe to use it while taking homeopathic medicine?

Yes, as it doesn’t react with homeopathic medicine, we can use it.

Can we take Kumari asava with an empty stomach?

No, we can not take it with an empty stomach. As it is a digestive enzyme, you must consume it after dinner or lunch.

Is it safe to take this medicine before driving?

If the person starts having a feeling of sleepiness or exhaustion after taking this medicine, it may not be safe to drive. Moreover, he needs to change the way of consuming it.

Is there sugar in kumariasava?

Yes, it contains sugar, and that’s why it is not safe for diabetes patients.

Can we use it if our prolactin level is high and have PCOD with absent menses?

Yes, it is entirely safe to use this medicine in the cases mentioned above.

Final Words

Conclusively, Kumariasava is a medicine that helps to cure various problems and keeps our health well. But it needs to be used with care and must be used after taking the doctor’s advice.

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