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musli pak

Musli is a herb, and it is a very popular Ayurvedic energy booster. In India, it is used for a very long time to make our body healthy and energetic. In ancient times, Musli was commonly found in the Indian kitchen. It is a root which is also known as Safed Musli. Musli Pak acts on Vata dosha and may increase Kapha Dosha.

Musli means “Strong”, and Pak means “Food”. So it is used as an energy booster and provides strength and power to our body. Musli Pak makes your body and immune system stronger. It is a herbal remedy used to treat many ailments of sexual disorder, arthritis and weak immune system. Musli has Anti Fatigue properties.

Benefits of Musli Pak

Helps in Cure Sexual Disorder

It helps to cure all kind of sexual disorder in both male and female. Sometimes people face many personal problems related to their sexual life, so they can use it to improve reproductive organs’ function. Men use White Musli to increase sperm count. It is beneficial in early ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. One can also use it for impotence.

Used as an Immunity Booster

It is a gift of nature for those people who has a weak immune system. It is known as an immunity booster. People who are going to the gym every day can take it as an energy booster. Musli Pak helps to increase your body weight and make your bones stronger. It promotes physical strength and stamina.

Used in Diabetes

Diabetic patients can also consume Musli Pak without sugar. It helps to make insulin in their body to control sugar level.

Helps in Cure Leucorrhoea

Many women face a widespread problem that is Leucorrhoea. Musli Pak can help women to cure this problem. According to its ingredients, it is usually helpful in weakness, thin and un-sticky discharge. They can take it as medicine of Leucorrhoea. After using it, they can overcome the weakness and get strength back in their body. Also, click here to read about an incredible ayurvedic tonic for females.

Helps in Cure Backache

It is also beneficial in women with a lower backache along with Leucorrhoea. After pregnancy, some women face lower backache problems, so they can consume it to cure this problem.

Helps to Increase Breast milk.

Women can consume it in Pregnancy period to increase the natural breastfeed quantity. They can take it traditionally by making a ‘Panjiri’ from it using other products; flour, sugar and mava. Also, they can consume it with other products; sugar cane, and cumin seeds.

Help to Cure Joint Pain

Musli pak is a very effective way to help decrease your joint pain. It gives strength to your joints, especially knees, hips and feet. 

Helps in Increase Body Weight

Not everyone is looking to lose weight; some people want to increase their body weight. So, they can consume it as a nutrition food supplement. However, they should also take an appetizer along with it, and you should start it with a lower dosage, i.e. 1 to 2 grams twice daily. Gradually, one can increase the dosage according to the appetite.

Musli Pak helps in Reproduction in Men.

Men can take Safed Musli Pak to cure Reproduction and endurance. We can say that it is a natural and herbal viagra. It improves strength, stamina, time and performance in men.

Other Benefits

  • It has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It cures arthritis and joint pain.
  • Musli Pak cures infertility and boosts vitality.
  • It treats chronic fever and appetite.
  • It helps to make our immune system healthy.

Musli Pak Ingredients

The main ingredients are Shatavari, Chiyrak roots, Gokshura, Ashwagandha, Haritaki, Talmakhana, Bala seeds, Kamal Gatta, Vanshlochana, Vang Bhasma Abhrak Bhasma, Loha Bhasma.

Dosage of Musli Pak

You can take it 3 to 10 gm twice a day with milk and lukewarm water; Make sure that you have a gap of a minimum of 2 hours, after the meal in the morning and evening. Take as directed by a doctor. 

Is it safe to take it every day?

Musli Pak is safe to take every day. It is heavy to digest, so if you face constipation, you can take it once a day in the morning after a meal. In the evening you can consume Trifla, Munakka and Isabgol to cure your constipation problem.

How you make it at home?

You can make Musli Pak at home to make your immune system healthy and get physical strength. Take some Ghee, wheat flour, Musli, dry fruits, mava, sugar and some other ayurvedic herbs like black pepper, Kamar kas, acacia etc. Fry them together and make it as a Punjabi wheat flour laddu. You can take it twice in a day to get physical strength.

Adverse Effects

Musli Pak has no severe side effects; you should not take it every day under the following conditions:

  • Stomachache
  • Constipation
  • Can’t take with the weak digestion system

Various Brands of Musli Pak

Many brands are available in the market, which is very good in quality and known of their purity. You can easily get some brands from amazon. Click here to read Why should you choose Ayurveda?

Baidhyanath Musli Pak

musli pak

All products of Baidhyanath are excellent in quality, and Musli Pak is one of them. Baidhyanath company is known for Ayurvedic products. The product contains proteins and minerals, and powerful antioxidants which help remove the stress of regular life and keeps the body active throughout the day. It will help if you consume 1.5-2 teaspoons twice a day, preferably warm water or milk for best results.

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Patanjali Musli Pak

Musli Pak

Patanjali is known for India’s best quality products & it’s Musli Pak contains Ashwagandha, satawae, Kaunj beej and some other Ayurvedic medicines. This product improves stamina, strength, time, and performance in men. Apart from these benefits, you can also use it for general debility and increasing body weight. Athletes in India also use it for improving endurance and performance. It acts as a nourishing tonic.

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Swet Musli Pak by Patanjali

Musli Pak

Most men consume this Patanjali swet Musli Pak for erection diffusion. White Musli is beneficial to increase sperm count. You can take one spoon of it with one hot glass milk. Women and men both can take it for their reproductive problems. Many sports person use it as an immunity booster and enhances their stamina.

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Kamdhenu Musli Pak Churan

musli pak

Kamdhenu is named on God Kaama. Men consume it for premature ejaculation. Its ingredients are Ashwagandha, Konch seed, Swed Musli, Dalmakhna, which helps increase physical strength and nourish the body. You can consume one spoon of it with hot milk at night.

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Herbal Hills Safed Musli Powder

It is a pure herbal ayurvedic Musli pak made by Herbal hills. Herbal hills products are known for its traditional cultivation strategies. It is 100% organic and chemical-free product. It may help to improve vitality, vigour, stamina and strength. You can get it from amazon at the very lowest price. It works as a nutritional tonic for men, and it can help to improve physical weakness.

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Nature’s Gift Safed Musli

Nature’s Gift Safed Musli is a very pure, organic product & 100% vegetarian product. One can control obesity with it. It helps to increase male potency and reduces fatigue. It also helps in boosting energy and strengthening Immunity. You can use it twice in a day with water or milk after a meal.

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Since Ayurveda is gaining popularity nowadays, there are many other ayurvedic products which are beneficial for your overall health. And Musli Pak was one of them which has incredible benefits. I am sure once you consume it, you will definitely get the benefit from it. I would be waiting for your responses in the comments section after you buy and consume it.

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